excel timestamp to date

excel timestamp to date

To convert a time in Excel’s format to a Unix time stamp, you can use a formula based on the DATE function. In the example shown, the formula in C5 is:

How this formula works

The Unix time stamp tracks time as a running count of seconds. The count begins at the «Unix Epoch» on January 1st, 1970, so a Unix time stamp is simply the total seconds between any given date and the Unix Epoch. Since a day contains 86400 seconds (24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds), conversion to Excel time can be done by dividing days by 86400 and adding the date value for January 1st, 1970.

In the example shown, the formula first divides the time stamp value in B5 by 86400, then adds the date value for the Unix Epoch, January 1, 1970. The formula evaluates like this:

When C5 is formatted with the Excel date «d-mmm-yyyy», the date is displayed as 1-Oct-2018.

How Excel tracks dates time

The Excel date system starts on January 1, 1900 and counts forward. The table below shows the numeric values associated with a few random dates:

Date Raw value
1-Jan-1900 1
28-Jul-1914 00:00 5323
1-Jan-1970 00:00 25569
31-Dec-1999 36525
1-Oct-2018 43374
1-Oct-2018 12:00 PM 43374.5

Notice the last date includes a time as well. Since one day equals 1, and one day equals 24 hours, time in Excel can represented as fractional values of 1, as shown in the table below. In order to see the value displayed as a time, a time format needs to be applied.

I have a very large excel spread sheet that has a column of time stamps. Does anyone know convert that over to a date? Is there a function I can use? I tried format cell date but that doesn’t work. My file is 91,568 KB. If there is a simpler way to this that would be great. I’m open to ideas.

Thank you in advance 🙂

P.S. I don’t know any programming languages

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Use this formula and set formatting to the desired time format:

If you get a Error 509 in Libre office you may replace , by ; in the DATE() function

excel timestamp to date

If your file is really big try to use following formula: =A1 / 86400 + 25569

A1 should be replaced to what your need. Should work faster than =(((COLUMN_ID_HERE/60)/60)/24)+DATE(1970,1,1) cause of less number of calculations needed.

A timestamp is the elapsed time since Epoch time (01/01/1970), so basically we have to convert this time in days, and add the epoch time, to get a valid format for any Excel like spreadsheet software.

From a timestamp in milliseconds (ex: 1488380243994)

use this formula:

with this formater:

From a timestamp in seconds (ex: 1488380243)

use this formula:

with this formater:

Where A1 is your column identifier. Given custom formaters allow to not loose precision in displayed data, but you can of course use any other date/time one that corresponds to your needs.

Today, I had the problem of converting a timestamp to a readable time format inside excel. Not quite as easy as I would have hoped for, but the solution is fairly painless.

In the excel column you wish to display the date, you need to place the following formula.

You would then need to replace COLUMN_ID_HERE with the cell that holds the timestamp. e.g. A1

The above formula can be simplified, but I think the above explains a little more what is actually being done to the data

You would then need to format the cell to be dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm and you are done

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