bad object model id

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Image training is ok with ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco in tensorflow object detection api.

getting the error while testing:

I created dataset manually. Then label it using labelimg. after labeling I created csv file for image annotation and file name. then I create tf record. I follow this tutorial:

My tfrecord generator for training and testing image:

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In the ssd_mobilenet_coco_v1.config file, num_examples was 8000. In my case, test dataset only has 121 samples. I forgot to update that and got new kind of error that I couldn’t find on the Internet. As it is a silly mistake, so I think a very few people did that. this answer might help someone who will do this kind of mistake. I changed the following in the config file and the error is resolved:

In my case, the problem was that I’d included images multiple times when constructing tfrecord files. Though now obvious, I hadn’t noticed that many categories of the Open Images Dataset share the same images (which would have the same id in the evaluation, thus the error. ). Once I’d corrected the algorithm creating the tfrecords, the error was gone.

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bad object model id

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