at java lang thread run unknown source

HEELP!! I have a problem running the code, it does not execute the Sql statement and I cannot locate the error between the DAO class and the rest service.

I already added the exceptions of SQLException and ClassNotFound in the DAO class but I still cannot locate the error, and I already executed the code in a separate class and if the request of the BD returns, which means that the driver is well configured.

currently i’m trying to get a report to run. Actually i’m getting:

Can anyone help me to identify the problem?

Links to Pastebin pages are broken.

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2 Answers:

Try delete subreport 2 from main report and run main report again. Will the error appear again in this case?

I have a .jnlp file that wants to run. It shows Unable to Load Resources and then:

I upgraded to Java 1.8.0_191 using Windows 7. I’m just trying to get the JNLP file to launch. On another computer user it works, on the domain user runs, on the local user(admin) not. I deleted the temporary files and set the proxy correctly

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