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Uncharted — 1 Night Stand (холодный чай с персиком), 120 мл

Bad Drip Bad Blood Salt — Черничный йогурт порадует своим тонким ароматом дополняющим основную карти.

Bad Drip Cereal Trip Salt — Настоящий подарок для любителей сладких жидкостей, забудьте любые жидкос.

Мэн! Наш интернет-магазин предлагает жидкость SMOKE KITCHEN TRIX, CIDER, 0 мг/г, 100 мл (Грушевый си.

Магазин AromaVape предлагает заказать недорогую жидкость SMOKE KITCHEN DROPS Wild Marshmallow объемо.

Bad Drip Farleys Gnarly Sauce — киви, обогащенный ярким соком клубники, растворенной в сладости детс.

Bad Drip Farleys Gnarly Salt — Вкус который можно назвать поистине легендарным, Farleys порадует сво.

Жидкость №1 в России 30мл 0мг- никотин 3мг — никотин Защита первого вскрытия Удобная большая пипетка.

Описание вкусов: KILO MOO STRAWBERRY MILK — Клубничный коктейль, который сразу покорит ваши сердца.

Product Description

Uncharted E-Liquids — 1 Night Stan.

An Iced White Peach Tea ejuice

1 Night Stan is so prominate in flavor, it can «Stan» on its own! This White Peach Tea Menthol ejuice speaks for itself! Perfect all day vape for everyone!

Uncharted E-liquids is crafted in the Bay Area, California. A polished 60vg/40pg blend, perfect for tanks or drippers. Flavors that have been tested against even the most discerning palettes. Using no additional sweeteners, but an elegant touch of menthol instead to enrich the notes of each individual ingredient. Available in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg of nicotine levels.

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12

Bottle Sizes: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Product Reviews

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Absolutely love this juice!

Posted by Bri on May 9th 2017

I am absolutely in love with this flavor! It has a great menthol taste on the exhale! I just went through a 120ML bottle in a week! I am putting another order in for 2 more bottles tonight!

Great juice even better service!!

Posted by JIN PARK on Mar 27th 2017

After i discovered this juice I haven’t found anything else that fits me. And vape affair is the only place i pick up my juice from for their excelleny service. 5 stars all around great job!

White Peach Tea Menthol ejuice

Posted by Tony on Jan 31st 2017

1 Night Stan is a smooth white peach ice tea vape juice. It has a light and not overpowering menthol touch. It is easily an all-day vape juice for those who like menthol. I do not vape menthol too often but I enjoy changing things up and vape this a few times a week.

Story Time

Posted by Unknown on Jan 16th 2017

When I first got into vaping a couple of years ago, my boyfriend went to a little shindig that was being held at our local vape shop. They had a giant box full of a variety of E-liquids. The deal was, you stick your hand in, grab as many juices as you can, and that was what you got! My boyfriend just so happened to get a hold of a plastic 10Ml bottle of «One Night Stan». He tried it, and didn’t like it. So of course, it got handed down to me. I absolutely fell in love with it. Stupid me, left it on our table, and the next morning, it was ripped to shreds by our dog. I was devastated to say the least. I couldn’t piece the label back together to find out what it was, or who it was made by. So I let the bygones be bygones. Switching back and forth between juices until about mid July of last year. I was hanging out in a vape shop when a young lady walked in blowing a cloud. I recognized the smell. It was «One Night Stan». I began talking with the girl, and she handed me last bit of her bottle. Its easy to say I was so beyond happy. Ever since then, I don’t believe I have touched another juice, other than the little freebies you guys give me! The White Peach Tea gives it the perfect sweetness cooled off with some menthol. Literally, the best juice ever. Thank you Uncharted for all that you do. Fast shipping, and deals all the time. You guys are great!!

Great juice!

Posted by E juice gangsta on Nov 21st 2016

So uh.. anyone know the recipe? Lmao!


Posted by Molly on Apr 1st 2016

Love the peach tea with the menthol taste, perfect blend and really smooth, only thing I use.

Great mixer

Posted by Unknown on Feb 18th 2016

The menthol is a bit over powering for me but I’m a light weight. It’s good as a menthol additive to any flavor u like. The peach is there but its very light.

If u like menthol on the throat feel then go for it.

Hello from across the Pond!

Posted by Max McCullen on Feb 9th 2016

This is an amazing juice that took me an eternity to find! Tried it in the US and brought it back with me to the UK! Can’t wait to get more!


Posted by Unknown on Jan 29th 2016

I absolutely love this product, it is my everyday vape. The menthol isn’t overwhelming and the peach flavor is amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone!

best e-liqu > Posted by Claudette Watson on Jan 21st 2016

I have to say I have tried some pretty good e-liquids but this is the best I have tried in awhile. I was in the California few months ago, My niece vapes and I just loved the smell of it, I kept asking her what flavor it was and she told me, me not even thinking about it, until I got back to Texas and bought an e-liquid I usually get. I still thought about the e-liquid my niece had, I had to text her to get the name of it. I found your web site and ordered. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I will definitely order again.

Вкусы: Торт «Красный Бархат» (Red Velvet) Сделано в США

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